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Is Kendall Farms open to the public?

Kendall Farms is not currently open to the public however we do from time to time host events open to the public.  If you would like to know when the next event will be held, please sign up so we can email you when we do.

Are you related to Kendal Floral?

Kendall Farms is not affiliated to Kendal Floral

Do you sell Palms?

Yes – Through our affiliate Kendall Palms Nursery. If you are interested in purchasing Palms, please contact Issac Hanson at (760) 884-6706 or

Do you sell potted plants?

Kendall Farms does not currently sell potted plants. We sell fresh cut focals, greens, and fillers.

I ordered a bouquet from your subscription service last year and now I don’t see it?

Kendall Farms is not currently providing subscription or direct customer sales at this time, however you can still find our bouquets in our local retailers. Please check out our Retail Page for more information.


How do I become a Kendall Farms Wholesale Customer?

Kendall Farms would love to have you as a customer! Please reach out to to get in touch with one of our Wholesale Reps and they will provide you all the information you need.

Why are your cut off times so early?

Kendall Farms is a large farm in North San Diego County which is about an hour away from the trucking docks. In order to meet delivery times our drivers need to leave a bit earlier than many other companies.

What types of containers do you ship in?

Kendall Farms ships in a variety of containers such as, boxes, bins, buckets, and even hampers.

Do you offer Cold Chain Packaging?

Kendall Farms does offer Cold Chain Packaging! We have several coolers that hold our inventory, a pre-cooler to cool down packed orders, a sealed loading dock, and refrigerated trucks that deliver to our trucking docks.



I just purchased one of your arrangements from a local retailer – How can I ensure I get the best life out of your flowers?

Thank you for choosing a Kendall Farms Bouquet! Please check out our Retail page for great tips!

I saw your beautiful mason jar arrangements in a local retail – Is it possible to place an order directly through Kendall Farms for an event I am hosting?

That is a great question! Currently we don’t offer special or direct ordering, however it is something we are looking into. If you are looking for flowers for a special event or weddings please visit