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How to Craft the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Tips on decorating for Thanksgving

You’ve been put in charge of having your family over for Thanksgiving this year and need help with your Thanksgiving table décor. Here are some tips for a foolproof Thanksgiving table that people will be talking about for years.

Name Cards 

Everyone needs a spot to sit at the Thanksgiving table and if you have a large family making a name card where people should sit may be helpful.

Tip: To make the guests feel special create personalized place cards for each person.  You can write them in calligraphy or print them onto quality paper. This will help with any confusion on where to sit and it gives a nice personal touch to the table.

Decorate with candles.

Once into the holiday season candles are a favorite in the home.  They make the room feel cozier and more welcoming for all the guests. They are great on the table mixed with other decorations as well.

Tip: You can also buy lanterns to put on the table and place candles inside the lanterns to give a more rustic look.

Invest in a good table runner.

The table runner is where most of the decorations on the table will be placed. Make sure you have a consistent theme with all of your decorations so they all match. Choose the table runner based on the color scheme you chose for the Thanksgiving dinner.

Tip: If you want a more rustic look try using burlap as the table runner. It is a neutral color, so it goes with almost any color scheme you decide to use.

Flower Arrangements 

Flower arrangements are very popular for adding some life to the Thanksgiving table.  They are the perfect centerpiece that will catch everyone’s eye.  Sunflowers are a great flower to use for Thanksgiving. They are very popular during this time of the year and make a bold statement.

Tip: Around the holiday season flower companies will have centerpieces already made just for your Thanksgiving table.


Along with flowers, greenery is very trendy for home decor. Using eucalyptus on your table is a great way to add color and texture to the table. It is also easy to layer other decorations on top of the greenery. The greenery creates a good base for the other decorations you plan to put on the table.

Tip: Place one long piece of eucalyptus garland down the middle of the table for a modern look. You can also place candles and flowers in or around the garland.

Napkin Rings 

When it comes to setting the table something you may want to add is napkin rings. You can put the silver wear and napkin on top of the plate when it is wrapped with a napkin ring. If you do not want to buy new napkin rings there are easy and cute ways to DIY them. One way is to incorporate eucalyptus.  If the greenery you use has eucalyptus just take some off and use it for the napkin rings. Take twine and eucalyptus and wrap them around the napkin. You can also buy brown tags and attach them to the DIY napkin ring.

Tip: The tag can have thanksgiving related messages on it like “give thanks” or “thankful.” This will add a nice touch that all your guest will appreciate.  Having people over for large gatherings can be stressful, but with the help of these decorating tips, it’s one less thing you have to worry about.